Sunday, 23 November 2014

Ubran Decay Naked 2 Basics

Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette | £22
 Hey lovely people. I first of all need to thank you all so much for the huge support you gave me with my first ever youtube video! Today I filmed my 2nd video which should hopefully be going up this week, hopefully by Wednesday! Today though, I'm bringing you a very exciting product review ft. The Naked Basics 2 Palette which I recently purchased from cohorted for only £15.40!! It's no longer for sale but if you haven't used cohorted before you need to check it out, they have some amazing products listed at the mo.
So if you haven't seen the Naked palette before the first one was a selection of warm matte shades whereas the second palette is cool matte shades, I feel this suits my skin colouring much better which is why I waited for them to release a cool palette. The first thing that struck me about this palette was the beautiful Matte packaging. It's just so sleek and luxurious, urban decay I praise you!! It's obviously nowhere near as big as the original Naked palette but makes it much easier for travel and storage. Inside alongside a handy mirror you will find 6 beautiful cool toned matte shades.
 Skimp is a yellow toned shadow, one of those colours I'd chose to highlight with and for use in the inner crease. Stark is more of a matte nude pink which would make a lovely eyeshadow base. Frisk is such a nice grey matte shade which would look great as a subtle crease colour. Cover is slightly red toned but again this would be a perfect cut crease colour. Primal would work great for darker brows and is a muted brown matte. Undone is the darkest in the palette a deep, smokey brown which would look great as smudged liner or to create a brown smokey eye.
Overall, this palette is just amazing. Every shade reminds me of the Kylie Jenner eye look which her look is obviously huge right now! It's the perfect handbag size and would be great for you ladies who don't want glittery 'out there' eye makeup. The shadows are brilliant quality and you only need the slightest on your brush, a little definitely goes a long way. I wouldn't expect anything from else from Urban Decay and I'm very impressed! I think one of my next videos will definitely be an Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics look!
Have you tried the Naked 2 Basics Palette? What's your favourite shadow?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

My Youtube Debut | Autumn Makeup

Hey lovelies, guess what I finally made a Youtube video . Yes, you may have seen the little Youtube button next to my other social network links but it's been empty for a while now. So I finally made the plunge! I decided to go with my favourite look for Autumn, which is a red berry lip and beautiful smokey bronze eye. If you go check it out you'll find lots of new products I've been trying out which I haven't mentioned on here yet. Please have a watch and I'd be so happy if you guys subscribed. Also, let me know what videos you'd like me to do next. Have a lovely week, Love Laura xx

P.S: This is also my 100th Post! Which I didn't do on purpose but how amazing!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Real Techniques: Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge | £3.83  
Recently I posted about the Real Techniques Nic's Picks Brush Set and it was such a popular post! I'm so thankful for all the comments and bloglovin likes all you lovely people left me so thank you so much. Following the popularity of that post I thought I'd review the miracle complexion sponge which I purchased in the same order. As I said before, I purchased the brushes through the website which worked out so much cheaper than other shops and online stores even including  p&p.
Using a sponge to apply makeup was something quite new to me but after seeing how many people raved about the beauty blender I knew I had to try something similar. Although I can't compare the two sponges I can say that this one is considerably cheaper and easy to get your hands on. The design of this sponge makes it easy to apply both concealer and foundation. One end is pointed which makes it perfect for under eyes and the flat and domed side are both good for all over application.  The best way to use this sponge is by soaking it in water then squeezing the excess out and using it damp. It blends makeup seamlessly into my skin but the downside is that it takes forever to dab the foundation in. I have found that this works perfectly with contouring to blend cream concealers in perfectly without dragging your contour and highlight into each other. It's a great little tool which I'd recommend to those of you who don't mind spending a little bit more time blending on a morning or who want a flawlessly blended base.
Have you tried this miracle complexion sponge before? What are your thoughts on beauty blenders?
               P.S I filmed my first youtube video this weekend! So keep your eyes peeled for it!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Fitness Friday | Coconut Joy with My Protein

I was recently contacted by to ask if I'd like to try some of their products. Myprotein is a brand I haven't come across before and with my love of fitness I was so keen to try their range. They don't just stock protein powders, infact their products range from protein waters to snack bars and vitamins and capsules. As I have a huge obsession with coconut I had to try their Chocolate Coconut Whey Protein Powder and also their Coconpure Coconut Oil.
*My Protein | Impact Whey Protein | £12.79 for 1kg
 A common misconception is that protein powders will make you look like Popeye. This is definitely not true, it takes a hell of a lot of work for us women to build mass muscle and drinking protein isn't going to do it for you. In fact research has found that protein can actually help to reduce body fat therefore aiding weight loss. But anyway that's not my goal, I take protein to help control my protein intake (as I don't eat any red meats) but also to help with recovery. I was a little unsure about the flavours at first as in the past I've tried protein shakes which were vile. But with this one I needn't worry, it tastes absolutely amazing and so much nicer and healthier than any chocolate bar. You can also buy the smaller sample sachets, like above, before committing to the larger pouch. It was really easy to mix up and I didn't end up with any lumps. I can't wait to try some of the other flavours in the range such as; rocky road, chocolate peanut butter and jam roly poly (yes you read that right).
*My Protein | Coconpure Coconut Oil | £9.99 for 460g
The second product I tried was their 100% organic Coconpure Coconut Oil. Coconut oils play a big part in my diet and I used them for cooking, frying and even in smoothies. They're a healthy alternative to your usual oils with unique saturated fat content making it the healthiest dietary oil around. As expected it's brilliant, really easy to scoop out  (use a spoon) with a great taste and I know the size of this will last me such a long time making it great value! Go check out there product range here.
Do you use protein powders as part of your diet? Have you come across my protein before?

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Glowing Winter Skin | Balance Me Face Oil

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil | £30.00 for 30ml | link
As the temperature here in England has finally began to drop this means time for the central heating to be turned up and wrapping up warm in snuggly jumpers. But with the cold, brisk Winter air comes dry skin, suffering from both the cold and sudden change in temperatures as you step into a snug house! I find that in Winter time my skin suddenly changes to the 'very dry' skin category. Flaking around my cheeks and in-between my eyebrows is all too common. One way I look at controlling this is through my skin care by using thicker moisturisers and overnight creams. However one little beauty I have come across is the Balance Me Radiance Face Oil.
Previously if you would have told me to put an oil on my face I would've thought you were plain old silly. But after using cleansing oils and butters and seeing the difference they've made to my skin I was more than willing to give it a go. This is a much smaller version of the 30ml bottle which Balance Me sell, which I believe came in my Glamour beauty box a few months ago. As it's a smaller bottle it comes in a roll on which makes it super easy to roll on straight to those dry areas of my face.

The oil is designed to be applied morning and night, I apply a moisturiser over the top too to lock in moisture and because it's so light it absorbs quickly into my skin. The oil itself is packed with conditioning moringa and camellia oils along with calming Roman chamomile, yarrow and benzoin which is said to enhance skin of all ages and types. It has a beautiful scent too with a delicious orange blossom aroma which is a bit of a pick me up on a morning!

I'd definitely recommend this not just for dry skin but for all types of skin. It works great at protecting your skin from the brisk air but also rehydrating skin on a night time. Which means on a morning you wake up with beautifully soft, glowing skin. It is quite expensive at £30 but you only need 2 drops for the whole of your face, so it will last such a long time.
What do you use on your face throughout the Winter months?

Saturday, 8 November 2014

October Favourites

First of all, I cannot believe we are in November. Christmas trees are going up in stores, festive gift sets and gift guides are popping up everywhere and the temperature has suddenly plummeted. Did I blink and miss the last two months? If you're a regular reader, you'll have noticed I didn't post my monthly favourites for September. Photographing monthly favourites isn't something I enjoy, I spend far too much time worrying and playing about with the product positioning and just never feel satisfied. I think next month you'll be seeing a video in the place of a blog post, I can't wait to get filming now that I've sorted my lighting out. Anyway, onto my top beauty picks for last month...
Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Pallette in Storm | link
Like most bloggers and beauty lovers I know, the Naked palettes are my go to eyeshadows for most occasions. But recently I decided to try something a little different in the form of this beauty. I have been loving the cranberry shades for Autumn and the other day I used the blue colours to create the most stunning navy smoky eye. The colours are very pigmented and have very little fall out. For 12 beautiful eyeshadows, 3 of which are matte all for £7.99 it's such great value.

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face Brush | link
If you saw my review of the Real Techniques limited edition Nic's Picks set, you'll have seen how much I raved about these brushes. With it's soft fibres and perfect application the duo-fibre face brush is definitely one of my favourite brushes. The whole range is stunning with the matte black handles and silver finish but I just cannot believe how soft this brush is. I think you can only get it as part of the set but I'm sure they released a duo-fibre brush collection too.

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob | link
This is the most perfect lip liner I have ever come across. It's one of those my lips but better shades which works perfectly to outline and even fill in my lips. It's a twist up style liner which makes it so easy to use and gives great volume and definition to my lips. It's the perfect consistency to apply and doesn't drag your lips, for only £3.99 I definitely think I'm going to try the other colours out.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer | link
Now I don't have oily skin nor is my skin really dry at the minute. But I do get dry patches in between my eyebrows and on my cheeks. Even though my current foundation is brilliant it does love to cling on to those little bits of dry skin. This is where this primer has really helped to create a flawless base for my foundation to glide on seamlessly. It's also helped my makeup to last longer and has meant I don't need to powder areas as much!

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm | link
After my bad patch of perioral dermatitis I swore I wouldn't use Vaseline or other lip products with a base of petroleum jelly. But with the colder weather drawing in I needed something to protect my lips against the harsh weather, especially when I go running. Having heard great things about Nuxe I decided to purchase their 20th anniversary lip balm. It's made up of beeswax, butters and vegetable oils meaning is much kinder to lips and has the nicest buttery texture which smells just amazing. I'd recommend this to anyone suffering with dry or chapped lips this Winter.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter | link
This body butter is a creamy, velvety and thick cream which I use twice daily! It's a really intense butter which instantly leaves your skin feeling moisturised and I must add smelling amazing! With skin softening shea butter and aloe vera it really is my Winter skin saviour. The scent it gives is off beautiful, with floral but fruity tones yet it's not too overpowering. Soap and Glory products make the perfect gifts for Christmas, you definitely need to go check out their range!
So these are my favourites for the month of October. What were your monthly favourites?

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A Belated Halloween: Hollywood Glamour

Hi lovelies. I hope you've all had fun celebrating Halloween over the weekend and that tonight you're all warming yourselves around a bonfire or admiring the fireworks. I do love this time of year but the loud bangs and screeches send my poor dog crazy. At the weekend I went to my friends party then we headed out into town for a few drinks. Halloween for me usually meant dressing up as a cat or a witch but I've never done the whole open wound liquid latex and vampire blood look. For me it was so much fun creating this look. I wanted to go for a Hollywood glamour makeup look, with smokey navy eyes and a bold red lip. My bullet hole was created with liquid latex then filled in with eyeliner, purple lipstick and a lot of blood! I already can't wait for next years Halloween tutorials.

Products Used 
Laura Mercier Primer
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation -Fiji and Barcelona
HD Brows foxy Pallette - Dark Brown
Makeup Revolution Concealer Palette
No7 Powder - Honey Milk
Sleek Eyeshadow Palette Storm - blue shades
Urban Decay Naked - Virgin (browbone and inner corner)
Barry M Eyeliner - White (in waterline)
Ardell Demi Wispies
Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour Felt tip liner
Mac Blush - Harmony
Sleek Contour Palette - light
Loreal True Reds Lipstick - Blake's Red
Rimmel Kate Lipstick - 107
Liquid Latex - Amazon
Vampire Blood - Amazon
Eyelash Lace Dress - Missguided
What did you do for Halloween? Have you tried any looks using liquid latex before?