Saturday, 5 July 2014

June Favourites


Hello lovelies! I cannot believe I am writing this post... where has June gone? Anyway, July has started off so good. Today I went to watch the Grand Depart of the Tour de France. It was amazing. I feel so proud to be from Yorkshire! The atmosphere was unbelievable and it's so nice to see how everyone comes out to show their support. If the Tour is coming near you I really do recommend you go out and get involved! So before I get carried away, onto the favourites...

Clinique | Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm
I've had this cleanser a while now after my brother bought me it for my birthday. Now I was rather worried about how to use this at first. It's not a liquid, it's not a cream but it's like a solidified oil. You literally scoop some into your fingertips and it melts away into a silky oily fluid. I use this all over my face, massaging it in before rinsing or removing with a wet flannel. It even removed my waterproof mascara (it does make your eyes a little blurry though, but never irritates). I honestly cannot get enough of this and it lasts so long. You can get yours for £22 here.

Revlon | Colourburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti
This was the very first lip butter I tried. I really wanted to branch out with my lip colours and as this is orange it's a pretty good place to start. It does look rather daunting in the stick, however it applies so lightly and you can build the colour to as light/pigmented as you like. I find it looks beautiful with bronzed skin! It's a lovely formula which is very moisturising and how cute is the packaging! You can get yours for £7.99 here.

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder
Obviously had to have something French in here, stick with Le Tour De France! This is such an amazing bronzer, it's safe to say bourjois definitely do the best bronzers right now. I've had this for a while but never put it to much use. However, I've seen Tanya Burr using it quite a lot and she inspired me to get it back out. It's the perfect matte bronzer which you can use to contour or just for an all over bronze. It also smells beautiful, a little bit like chocolate. If you want to be all bronzed up you can get this for £7.99 here.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner | Black
I have seen so many mixed reviews on this. It was recently a gift in Glamour magazine and I have used it every day since. First of all I only really use the felt tip liquid liners as I find brushes so difficult. But I really do not find it scratchy at all. It goes on so easily and smooth and it's really helped me to create a winged eye. It stays on all day, without any smudging or bleeding.  I honestly do not know why people have had so many problems? Maybe it's because I got mine from Marks & Spencers? I cannot recommend this enough, you can get yours for £12.00 here

Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray
So, in the quest to get long Rapunzel hair I have tried reducing the amount of heat I use. This has meant I have been letting my hair dry naturally and sleeping with wet hair eeeeek. Luckily for me I do have wavy hair anyway, however I spray this on wet hair and it looks like I've just stepped out of the sea! I love what salt water does to your hair on holiday and this mimics that look so well. I use this in the morning too to add a little bit more texture, it also smells amazing, as all Lee Stafford products do! If you want beachy waves you can get this for £7.99 here.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How To Get Into Running

Seen as I added the 'fitness' tag to my blog I thought it was about time I actually posted something fitness related. This is something that a lot of people ask me about and so many people find it so difficult to start. As you guessed it's running. Many people say to me, 'I don't know how you do it', 'I can't even run up the stairs' and some even say 'you're crazy'. But guess what, I understand this because I had to start somewhere. Nobody is born running, ok some people obviously find it easier and it comes natural but I'm not one of those. For those of you who are wanting to get your running trainers on and pound the pavements here are some of my tips...
A Running Partner
One of the best tips I can give you is to run with someone else. You don't even have to talk to them!  I run with my Dad, who has ran half marathons and cross the line of the London Marathon last year in an impressive time. He is my whole inspiration and ever since I watched him run London I have wanted to be in that position. I run with him all the time, sometimes I feel like I'm holding him back but he doesn't mind. Trust me, if I went running alone all the time I'd run to the end of the street and run back home. Running with someone else keeps you going and it's also good to have someone else to pace you, so you don't burn out too quickly.
The Correct Gear
Ok now as much as I love buying new running clothes I'm not talking fashion here. I'm talking suitable footwear. When I first started out running I used my Nike Free Runs 5.0. However, I got seriously bad calf pain and it used to put me out for days (I could also feel every stone under my feet when running). These were not a good choice and I knew with the miles I would be doing I needed a bit of support. I went to Up and Running, where they watch you run, assess your running style and foot type, then offer you a selection of lovely trainers. I cannot recommend them enough and they do know what they're talking about. It's so important to know your foot type and running style and to get fitted properly!
I rely on my trust IPhone so much throughout my runs. I started out using the Nike Sensor you put into your shoes but I found this was so far out. I then went onto using Map My Run but I dislike how it only gives you feedback after every kilometre. So now I'm using the Nike Running app. It provides me with feedback on my speed, distance, pace and at the end of your run it tells me my splits! Each run you do is saved so you can track your progress, it's also good to compete with yourself to better your times. You can add friends to it to give you a little bit more inspiration and add your own playlists! I would recommend anyone who is starting out running to set up an upbeat playlist with songs that will keep you going. I have songs like Kanye West 'Stronger' and Avicii 'Wake Me Up'.
There is also a good app which my friend is using right now called 'Couch to 5K'. This is basically an app for beginners to get you running 3 miles in no time. It has a running programme which consists of walking and short runs to build you up over time. This is such a good idea and it's always good to follow a training plan. I use a training plan at the minute and ticking each day off makes you feel so successful!
Don't Forget What You're Running For
The whole reason I first started running was watching my inspirational Dad run the London Marathon. I signed myself up for the Great North Run with hopes to cross the finish line with my Dad this year. We're running in memory of my Great Grandma and Nanna who both had the awful disease dementia. Having something to run for and feeling like you are making a difference gives you that little push of inspiration when you're struggling with gruelling hip pain 5 miles in. Don't ever forget what you're running for! Even if it's just a personal fitness goal always picture the end result.
Those are my best tips for starting running. I'd also say don't stop! Many times I've gone out ran to the end of the street and thought oh gosh I'm going to die my legs wont carry me. But your body can do amazing things. Keep going and always picture the end goal. If any of you would be kind enough to sponsor me doing my half marathon you can do so HERE I'd be so grateful and will thank you forever! Let me know if any of you have taken on board any of my tips. Or, if you have some of your own tips to add.
P.S. If that all fails just think of Ryan Gosling...

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Weekend Face

Hi lovelies, I hope you're enjoying the weekend! I haven't done a makeup update in a while so I just thought I would update you on the products I have been using. I don't wear much makeup at all through the week and it's very rare I wear foundation at the weekend as I usually just stick to my BB/CC creams. But here is my weekend face if I'm going somewhere special. Let me know if you'd like to see any reviews of any of the products I used.

Nars Sheer glow| Barcelona
Collection concealer | Medium
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Sleek Face Palette | Light
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil | Hazel
No7 Eyelash Curlers
Soap and Glory Eyeshadows | Minky & Dandy Plum
Revlon Grow Lusious Mascara
Mac Eye Khol | Phone Number
Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner
Mac | Crème cup

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

June Sales: Zara and Victoria's Secret

Hi lovelies. If you didn't already know Zara have a huuuge sale on right now both online and in-store and in case you didn't know it's definitely my favourite on the high street. As soon as I got the e-mail, I was straight online ordering. I then popped into the Leeds store and noticed they had different items in store... so I obviously made some extra purchases. Also my favourite underwear store Victoria's Secret have their semi-annual sale going on. I'm hoping to do outfit pictures including some items but for now here is what I bought.

 Leaf Print Crop Top | £25.99  £17.99
This one was an in store purchase and they had lots left in the one I went to. Now I don't think I would usually go for something like this but I tried it on and it looked so pretty. It's very silky with some sheer panels but they don't reveal much which is good. I really like the green colour and the print is just lovely. I'm really happy with this and can't wait to feature it in holiday pictures.

Jeans | £29.99  £19.99
These were one of those unnecessary purchases but I do really love them. I already ordered the Zara jeans from the internet but at this point them still hadn't arrived. Whoops. So I ended up getting another pair. However, I do prefer these to the other jeans in this post. They are not high high waisted but they rise up a little higher than usual and they look really good, especially when I paired them with the crop top!  I also like the little roll ups on the bottom (which aren't sewn in). Zara are definitely winning on the jean front!

Neoprene Printed Skirt | £19.99  £12.99  [link]
I've noticed a lot of neoprene on the high street atm. Even making bikinis out of it, so I definitely thought it was time I got my hands on some. This skirt fits like a dream! It hugs your curves but doesn't cut into your body or roll up because of the nature of the fabric. It's such a pretty print which I can pair with so much because of the different pretty pastel colours. I want it in other colours now! Hint Hint Zara.

Printed Jacket with Fringing| £29.99  £22.99 [link]
Now Kimonos are such a huge trend right now and I just love the print of this one. I saw it in store a few weeks ago but I was unsure of the length. It is longer than the usual kimonos but I thought this would be perfect to cover your bum with leggings and also thrown over a bikini. When I saw it on the website I knew it was one of those buy it or you'll regret it purchases! Can't wait to show this off in an outfit post.
Ripped Skinny Jeans | £19.99  £17.99
Now I apologise because I cannot find the link for these at all. I've wanted some ripped skinny jeans for a while now and I wanted to steer away from my usual topshop leigh jeans. I love Zara jeans. I find they fit perfect, which is really suprising because some of their sizes can be very sporadic! I have quite a big bum for my shape and find some jeans can gape at the back but Zara jeans always seem to fit so perfectly!
Flat Glitter Sandal | £25.99  £15.99 [link]
Now these sandals are my favourite I have bought for a while. I love wearing sandals and the feeling of having air to your feet all day and not sweating away in your shoes (I know eww). However, I don't really like my toes being out. I'm sure it's not just me who is toe conscious? These sandals are perfect because they cover your toes over but they're still open to the air. They're also really comfy which is surprising as they're so flat. The colour is also a winner because you can wear with gold or silver! These will be on my feet aaaaalll Summer!

Dream Angel Bra | £62.00  £29.50
Now I wouldn't usually post my underwear on the internet but when it looks this pretty I'm sure it's ok! This bra is absolutely stunning. It has the prettiest lace pattern and there are teeny little diamantes, which are probably a nightmare for the washing machine (must remember to handwash) but they're stunning! Victoria's Secret do the comfiest bras ever. They are the perfect fit and the fabric is just so soft. I wouldn't pay the original crazy price for it but I can understand why some people would.
Pink Shorts | £22.99   £11.50
Ok so they're not Pink they're a greeny/blue colour but they're from the Pink section of Victoria's Secret. This section is made for teenagers or young adults and has much friendlier prices. They also have the most amazing sports and yoga clothes. Now I've needed some running shorts for a while. The type that your bottom doesn't eat and that don't fall down either. These are perfect. They have a rather good underwear section which is like built in pants underneath the actual shorts. This makes them so comfy when running. They also have the little slits at the side so they rise up with your leg then go back down. I tested them on my weekend run and I love them, there's even a little pocket for your house key.
Pink Sports Bra| £24.99  £14.50
Oh wow. These are the comfiest sports bras ever. I have a few from PINK and they are just amazing. They have the coolest designs and patterns and are just so cute. They are padded so give you a little bit of confidence when working out and they just keep everything perfectly in place. These are definitely my all time favourite sports bras.
Have you been hitting the sales recently? What are your favourite sale picks? Let me know below! Have a lovely week.
Love Laura

Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer Sorbet: The Body Shop's Body Sorbet

Well I am so very lucky to be blogging about these after I managed to get my hands on the new and amazing body sorbets from the body shop. I have been anticipating their arrival since last month and I am so happy to finally be blogging about it. If you've tried the Body Shop's body butters I am sure you'll already be in love. However, doesn't it annoy you when the butters get under your finger nails and take forever to sink into your skin....


Enter Body Shop's new weapon, the Body Sorbets. Now I absolutely love the smell of the strawberry range at Body Shop and it comes second to the coconut scent. So obviously I had to try the Strawberry sorbet. The others in the range are Mango, Pink Grapefruit, Moringa and I'm sure I tried a Satsuma one? They all smell absolutely amazing and I found it considerably hard to choose but strawberry is my favourite as it smells like angel delight! They have a gel like formula which naturally is classed as a sorbet and they instantly sink into your skin. They remind me of the consistency of an after sun but they just smell sensational. Your skin is so silky smooth afterwards and the smell lasts for a good part of the day. I definitely prefer the formula to the body butters and the packaging means no messy nails or slopping the sorbet everywhere. The sorbets contain 100% aloe vera which means they would be perfect for slathering on after a long day bathing in the sunshine and super cooling to the skin.

I am completely sold by this new collection and I am so glad Body Shop have brought out a product like this. I can't wait to get my hands on the other sorbets now and they're only £8 each. I think the official release is the 16th July but trust me they're worth waiting for!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Graze | The Breakfast Variety Box

Happy Friday! Oh I can't even begin to explain how happy I am that it's the weekend! Today's post is a food one. Now I've had graze boxes in the past, just the weekly one with the four snacks. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed them but I always found that I never actually ate them. I was just taken by the novelty of the whole choose snacks, box through your door, exciting! So I decided to cancel them a few months ago. However, I recently received an e-mail about their breakfast box. Now I'm not sure how long they have been going but up until now I have never heard of them. I browsed the website and found that they have the yummiest looking granola ever. So I was obviously sold (even better the first few boxes were half price at £1.99).

 Now the packaging is soooooo cute!! I was amazed to see the little message 'Good Morning Laura' on the front. The personalisation is just lovely. You can also choose what days your boxes come, I've ordered mine for every Monday. You get 4 perfectly sized little breakfast packets, each one is just the right serving size. Now if you're familiar with the original graze snack box you select items and classify them by:  bin, try, like, love and send soon. This is so helpful because if you don't like something or have any allergies it prevents graze from sending them. You can also choose your favourites and it means more chance of you receiving it. In my little box I got Strawberries and Cream, Rocky Road, Oaty berry crumble and Dark Chocolate orange. Currently, they only do the breakfast granolas but they have some lovely looking porridges coming soon.

Now the one granola I really wanted to try was the rocky road. However, I was slighty disappointed. There are some rather large chewy cherries in there which even though they taste amazing they took me so long to chew. So unless you have a good half hour breakfast time this isn't good. My favourite by far was the strawberries an cream granola. The yoghurt bits in there are so tasty! Each packet is around 300 calories which is good and they seriously taste amazing. Even better you're getting in a bit of morning fruit too. I have my granola with milk but you could have them with yoghurt and add in some extra fresh fruit too. I seriously love these little breakfasts. It adds a bit of variety to your routine and you could even take them with you when you're travelling or on the move. I'm very exciting to try their porridges and will certainly be continuing with my breakfast boxes.

If you'd like to try these boxes and would like your first and fifth box free enter this code or click the link: LAURAK1TP . You can always try them and quit at any time you like and they wont take any payment. Have you ever tried the graze breakfast variety boxes? What did you think of the original boxes? Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I'd also love to hear if you have any requests for posts, I'd love to hear what you think!

 Love Laura xx

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Lush Bunty Pink Gift Box

 Lush| Bunty Pink Gift Box| £13.95| link
Now this is a post I've been waiting to do for ages! I got the Bunty Pink gift box for my birthday. I was so excited to see what was inside that I totally forgot to take pictures of the lovely packaging whoops. However, you can go on the website and check out their lovely gift wrapped boxes and they have an amazing range of them too. Now I never really dived into the whole bath bomb/bubble bar scene before I tried this box. Sad to say I didn't understand the hype... however I am totally converted now. The products are amazing they make your bath look pretty and your skin feel so luxurious. They really are a pamper in a bar/bomb. I also love the lush ethos as they are cruelty free and actively support charities, including banning greyhound racing. Which I am a 100% behind. I really admire lush for this and think it's such an amazing company. So onto the products...
Creamy Candy is a bubble bar with a sweet scent of candy floss and moisturising properties such as almond and cocoa butter. The smell is the first thing that will grab you with this, it's amazing. It does smell like sweet candyfloss and is like nothing I've ever smelt in a bath product before. All you do with the bubble bars is crumble them into the water and they literally melt away. They are also generously sized so I usually break it in half and save the other half for another day. I also do this with the bath bombs but this can be a little trickier to do. Now this bubble bar isn't as relaxing as others but it does make your skin feel amazing and also smell amazing too. I definitely recommend.

Space girl is a huge purple bath bomb which comes covered in glitter (but you can't see it because of my rubbish photography haha). I was very worried about the glitter (which is named space dust, which I quite enjoy) and it getting absolutely everywhere including in my hair but it's really not that bad. It's also said to have cracking candy in but I didn't notice this? It's a very fruity fragrance, with grapefruit oil and bergamot oil but also has the almond oil with its moisturising properties. I didn't enjoy this bath bomb that much. I'm not sure if it's because I prefer a relaxing bath or just because it wasn't all that moisturising. I'd love to know your thoughts on space girl.

Think Pink is such a pretty bath bomb which actually has little coloured flowers in the top of it, but yet again my photography failed on this one. I think I should've stuck them down to stop them rolling about!! This bath bomb was definitely better than space girl. It's a relaxing one with vanilla and Tonka fragrance and there are also teeny confetti hearts which float around your bath. It's a very pretty bath bomb and also relaxing. It's a very sweet scent and there is lavender oil thrown in there to help make your experience so so relaxing. This one also made my skin feel really lovely (despite having to pick off the confetti hearts). This is one of my favourites and I will definitely be repurchasing.

The comforter is my favourite out of all four. This really is the ultimate relaxing bath product ever! The bar itself is huge so you only need half for a bath full of lovely foam and bubbles. The comforter is a beautiful colour and makes your bath look really pretty too. It has cassis absolute, which gives of a distinct blackcurrant fragrance and there is also bergamot which is a little uplifting. I absolutely love the smell of this bubble bar and when you get out of the bath that smell just continues. It made me feel really relaxed and so so moisturised. This is definitely my favourite so far and I cannot wait to get my next bar!
These are just my thoughts on the four bath products I tried. I'd love to hear your thoughts on lush bath products and what your favourites are. Which lush bath products do you love? Have you ever tried any of their gift boxes? Be sure to let me know your thoughts below. Love Laura xx